Thanksgiving in South Africa

It’s Thanksgiving in Africa too, at least for Americans. I was feeling a little homesick (I’ve been having dreams about the food at home), so I decided that African Thanksgiving was imperative. It was so imperative, I did it on Sunday instead of today. I needed the day off to cook. My host mother invited some family and friends and the cooking was on. I cooked for about 7 hours. Yeah!

I really wanted to make pumpkin pie. Canned pumpkin was not to be found, so I had to buy me a big eating pumpkin. My host mom peeled and cut it, and I made some serious pumpkin pureeĀ  (like maybe 10 cups worth). In the metal pot on the right (minus one pie and five loaves of pumpkin bread worth of pumpkin):

The green basin was full of butternut squash.

In this lovely photograph, explicit, hardcore sweet potato butternut squash bake:

Like an idiot, I didn’t even look for sweet potatoes. However, they are available here. Pretty much everything is available here. Including turkey (flash frozen and imported from Brazil!). But I had already bought a chicken, so the turkey will have to wait until Passover, haha.

There were mashed potatoes, green beans,roasted veggies, and gravy too. The whole spread:

Dessert was pumpkin pie, of course. And five loaves of pumpkin bread. There was a lot of pumpkin in that pumpkin. I made the first loaf by adding flour, oil, and soda to the massive quantity of extra pie filling I made. Then I found a bread recipe and doubled it for another 4 loaves. Good thing the pumpkin bread was good, because the pie crust was burnt. The oven was tricky, and I had to overcook the crust to get the filling to set. But it was still a big hit:

The food went over well. I was happy. It was fun to do an American holiday here, and to have an audience for my rant about how the first colonists were speculators and religious fanatics. U-S-A! U-S-A!


Louise Hogan says:

Wow, I am impressed! We tried to make Thanksgiving dinner in England once and it was a pretty miserable failure. In the picture of the roasted veggies, I see potatoes, carrots, and are the dark red veggies beets?

06 Dec 10 @ 2pm

michaelwsherman says:

Yes, beets. Or beetroot as we say here. They roast well.

06 Dec 10 @ 9pm