Donate to the Michael Sherman Heart Attack Fund

On March 27th, I’m running a half-marathon. The point is not to die, but to raise money for the KLM Foundation.

The KLM Foundation was started by some former PCVs with the goal of educating the future leaders of South Africa. From the website:

Kgwale le Mollo (KLM) Foundation gives educational scholarships to girls and boys from economically disadvantaged, rural communities of the Mpumalanga province to attend secondary school at one of South Africa’s leading institutions. The programme emphasizes scholarship and service and as a result, award recipients are talented, motivated young people who wish to better themselves and their country. We recruit young people who want to change their world.

In collaboration with Uplands College, the KLM Foundation offers tuition and maintenance scholarships to young South African students entering secondary school. Each year, one recipient scholar is selected to enroll in the 8th grade at Uplands College. Tuition, room, board, academic fees, travel expenses, tutoring and a modest allowance are provided to the recipient scholar for five years.

KLM Foundation identifies and nurtures young South Africans with the potential to lead their country into the future. Despite the barriers of poverty and economic deprivation, South Africa’s rural communities possess the talent, innovation and vision that brought about the democratic transformation of the country a decade ago. Now, more than ever, young South Africans of talent and promise need the education to carry forward that legacy.

So here’s the idea. There’s an ultramarathon/half-marathon every year in Sabie, Mpumalanga called the Long Tom Marathon. The Long Tom is a mountain pass. The half starts at the high point but let’s not split hairs–Mike Sherman is going to run a half marathon in the friggin’ mountains. It was nice knowing you all.

That is, if I can raise enough money. Buy a piece of my future heart attack. If I raise enough money, I’ll eat a Honey Bun every mile. Enough is $13,100. That’s a $1000 a honey bun. I think that’s a fair price.

I don’t need to raise nearly that much to run. But you should still donate. It’s tax deductible! Send it to KLM, or else the money that would have been deducted from your taxes will be used to make a daisy cutter to drop on an Afghani Primary School. Wouldn’t you rather help send a rural South African child to a school that hasn’t been hit with a daisy cutter?

Donating is easy:

1) Go to the KLM Foundation Website and click the Donate button in the top right corner.

2) Fill out the form. You can donate (much) less than $100 if you want. Even a few bucks is awesome.

3) In the Longtom Marathon box (“If you are making this donation in support of a participant in the Longtom Marathon, please indicate the runner’s name”) put my name, Michael “Destroyer of Worlds” Sherman .

4) Revel in your support of a future South African leader, cardiac arrest, and Honey Buns.

You can also donate by check. Ask me for help or read the instructions on the Donate page.

Please let me know if you have problems or questions, or have a peek at the KLM website. I’ll be sure to post periodic updates here.

Nice knowing you all…