My Class

Here are some photos of the class I’m teaching. It’s 40-something 12th graders for Mathematics, and 6 or 7 leave when I teach Physical Science. They are taking a test here. They didn’t do very well.

And the ones looking at their hands…they aren’t cheating. They are doing scratch work on their hands. They did not realize they could write on the question paper, even though it was all I gave them. That's a cultural difference I need to be more mindful of.

This class is relatively small compared to most. It is also basically an honors class, although self selected. Most students run away from Maths and Physical Science, because they have the lowest pass rates of all subjects nationally. So the ones that choose to do it are dedicated, or have attentive parents. So they are much better behaved than average, and take school more seriously.


Robert says:

Mike, what do the kids say about the rash? If they can see it

19 Jan 11 @ 1am

michaelwsherman says:

I’m home until the rash clears up. The meds I’m on (anti-histamines, steroids) are keeping me totally zonked.

19 Jan 11 @ 2pm