Random Filler Pictures

Hi. I really need to do a serious update soon. It will come, please be patient. I have been traveling, getting ready for school,  and now I’m a bit sick, so I have not had a chance to really get down and blog hardcore. In the meantime, here’s two photos to encourage patience.

This is one of the dudes who likes to hang out at my teacher training center. I was about a meter from him.

This is what it feels like to be loved. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you guys. And thanks Allison–being loved is when someone spends 70$ to send you a box with 20$ in candy, knowing full well that the box might not even make it to the destination. Well, this box did. I’m calling it a Christmas miracle. Thanks, sweetheart :) . I love you!

Please also note the Jesus art on the box. Perhaps that is why this bounty made it to me.

Now back to bed to get some rest….