Church in a Giant Rondavel

Sorry for the long delay between posts. My amazing girlfriend came all the way from New Jersey to visit me in South Africa. And I wasn’t going to waste time hunched over my computer. More to come soon.

In the meantime, I accompanied my host mother to a special church service a few weeks ago. It was in a nearby community center, which was basically just a giant Rondavel. A Rondavel is a style of traditional African house.

The inside, where we got our church on:

There was art on the inside as well:

Check out how hard we rock for the J-man:

Short Video

The service marked the Anniversary of the local Parish. I’m sure the service was different than usual, but since I don’t speak XiTsonga I can’t be certain. What I am certain of is that everyone wore uniforms (stylish, but not usual) and they fed us awesome food after the service:

I totally ate that chicken foot. It’s basically just skin. So if you like chicken skin, you’ll love chicken feet!