Just a Few Days Until I Die Trying to Run a Half Marathon

Don’t you want to be part of the magic? I leave this world on Saturday, March 26th.

I’m running the Longtom half-marathon to raise money for the KLM Foundation. The money you donate allows a rural South African child to have access to a world-class education and extra curricular opportunities including sports, music and service learning. The KLM kids are truly deserving individuals and the foundation relies heavily on the Longtom fundraiser to support these learners throughout their grade 8-12 education.

It’s a fantastic cause, one that probably makes a greater impact than anything I do. Or ever will do, because somewhere around mile 12 I’ll probably have a heart attack. But I can die knowing that I was doing what I love most–sweating, stinking, and hyperventilating.

Donating is easy:

1) Go to the KLM Foundation Website and click the Donate button in the top right corner.

2) Fill out the form. You can donate (much) less than $100 if you want. Even a few bucks is awesome.

3) In the Longtom Marathon box (“If you are making this donation in support of a participant in the Longtom Marathon, please indicate the runner’s name”) put my name, Michael “Slayer of the Gods” Sherman .

You have only a few days. Make a difference instead of buying a latte!


-Mikey Sherman