It was easy to pull off a Passover Seder in South Africa:

Thanks to Matzoh from the local Checkers supermarket, a bit of ancient Jewish wisdom, and a 1960s vintage official Maxwell House Haggadah, Passover was a smashing success.

Rabbi Eleazar said that Checkers supermarket is one, a bit of ancient Jewish wisdom is two, and a 1960s vintage official Maxwell House Haggadah is three; therefore the Egyptians were smitten with 30 plagues. Or something. Wonder how many Mubarak counts for?

The Seder plate:

We have our egg. We have a chicken bone, a Sherman family tradition at this point, since Father Robert never seemed to want to track down a lamb shank. We have amazingly delicious Charoset, we have onion for Karpas, and since horseradish was nowhere to be found, grated ginger for an extremely potent bitter herbs.


Sharing Passover was really enjoyable. My host Mom seemed very fascinated by the whole thing, and a visiting fellow (American) volunteer was equally charmed. Passover is unquestionably my favorite Jewish holiday to share with people. Maybe it’s all the ritual, or maybe it’s the sheer amusing wordiness of the Haggadah. But either way, I’m really glad I made this happen. Next year, I want to get some more people in on it.

Apparently, my host Mom had to cancel church to come to my Seder. A lot of churches here do special services for Passover. I sadly failed to attend any, due to other commitments. Hopefully next year!

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Robert Sherman says:

Mike, I used a lamb rib bone one year. And this year, we had a lamb roast dinner, and true to Sherman tradition, the Seder plate had a chicken wing – from the hot wing section at the A&P.

23 Apr 11 @ 2am