I made a quick visit to Barberton a few weeks ago. Barberton is an old mining city inside a bowl of mountains, and is very close to where I live. Currently, it is home to more outlets than I’ve ever seen in Africa:

Do not let the power supply distract you, Barberton is very pretty:

I met this guy and decided he’s the official mascot of my “Peace Corps Experience”:

Me and another volunteer went up the mountains to scope the view of the city. Unfortunately, a storm came in:

But that didn’t stop us from scoping out the insane rock formations:

The mountains around Barberton are some of the oldest rocks on planet earth. They are also home to the oldest fossils ever found, an ancient bacterium about 3 billion years old. It’s pretty amazing to think the oldest evidence of life was found in rocks like this:

Sadly, my jaunt to Barberton was very brief, just a quick stay for work. Maybe next time I’ll be able to spend some time. It’s painfully close to where I live.

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Linda Tammen says:

South African Fossils = Amazing

11 Sep 11 @ 12am