Cape Town is Sketchy

Don’t expect much blogging for a bit–school is out and I’m on holiday.

I’m currently in Cape Town. So far I’ve been offered crystal meth (called Tik here), which I politely declined. I was also the subject of the most pathetic attempted robbery in the history of tourist hustling. Bro came up and said “Don’t make me do crime.” I was mostly confused until he clarified that he wanted money, after I said no he followed me and started begging. Not effective. It probably wasn’t a good idea to take my family on a walking tour of the Cape Town train station. Oops.



Kelsey G says:

Mike, I can’t believe you, you made that poor man do crime! You’re responsible for whatever happens next.

06 Jul 11 @ 6pm

Robert Sherman says:

I thought it was part of the local flair?

06 Jul 11 @ 9pm

michaelwsherman says:

This is what you do at staging? Read blogs?

23 Jul 11 @ 7pm