Starship Troopers Is the Best Peace Corps Movie

I’m currently finishing up some leave with my family from the United States, so I haven’t had time to blog. But since it now seems I have some regular readers, I thought I’d throw y’all a little bone. By bone, I mean huge chunk of insect exoskeleton.

Starship Troopers is probably the best movie ever. I’m a huge Paul Verhoeven fan, of course. But this bug-splattered movie is the best example of his trademark blend of Jerry Bruckheimer and Martin Luther (not King). If you think it’s just a stupid movie about bugs and guns, you need to take a closer look

Oh, and this Friday is a year since I got to South Africa or something. I’ll be celebrating by watching Starship Troopers ten times in a 24 hour period.


Pete Micek says:

district nine, the recent sci fi flick is basically set in south africa. i’d be interested in your thoughts on it.

16 Jul 11 @ 10pm

Linda Tammen says:

Is tomorrow your one year anniversary with Peace Corps? Do you fully appreciate what an accomplishment that is Michael? You are truly awesome.

22 Jul 11 @ 3am

michaelwsherman says:


I only saw District 9 after I got here (got it from an American, funnily enough). I’ve never heard anyone in SA speak of it. But after seeing it, it’s totally 100% about apartheid. Funnily enough, it’s a more realistic depiction of South Africa than the other recent South Africa movie, Invictus (minus the aliens and the action scenes).

Linda, I don’t count July as being a year of service. The first 2 months here were training, which doesn’t really count. I’ll consider September 21st, a year since I got to my site, to be the real anniversary worth thinking about. A year since arriving here is more like a year since I’ve been in the US. Which is still pretty cool!

23 Jul 11 @ 6pm