Missing Home

There’s something very important I have to write about.

Being in the Peace Corps is great, but everywhere I go I carry a burden. There are people back home who I miss a lot. And as much as I like it here, no place, no matter how happy I am, is ever going to be able to take the place of home. When I first got here I missed people, but I also missed food, having a car, having independence, etc. But a year in, it’s all about the people. When I think about home now and about my life in the States, I no longer think about where I am or what I’m doing–I think about the people I miss spending time with.

This is my family:

Photo was taken right as I left for Peace Corps–check out my awesome outfit. Missing from this picture is my brother Steve (making us proud):

Missing the family is hard, but I’ve lived apart from them before and it’s something I’m used to. Thankfully, we talk a good amount and keep tabs on each other.

Family is family, you have to do something a lot bigger than joining the Peace Corps to put serious strain on a loving family. But there’s another relationship that’s very important to me. And that one takes a lot of work.

The adorable redhead next to me is Allison. Hi baby! LOVE YOU!

When I look at pictures of us I always say to myself, “What the hell was I thinking?” So far, we’re hanging in there. It’s been over a year, and if there’s one thing that would make my Peace Corps service a million times easier and better for me, it would be having her here with me. Not only because having her around would be awesome, but also because everything you might have heard about maintaining a long distance relationship in the Peace Corps is true. It’s incredibly difficult–the disagreements are truly horrible, and on the good days the best you can do is coo over the phone. Nevertheless, one of the things I look forward to most is seeing her number on my caller ID and the distance has truly made us stronger, even if it has been a trial by fire. It’s good to be loved (and to love), even if it’s from an ocean away.


Allison says:

I’m not sure in what context to put “what the hell was I thinking?”… that possibly could have been phrased differently.

I love and miss you as well!

25 Aug 11 @ 6am

Marie says:

Love seeing LDR doing well! My boyfriend leaves in about 7 weeks for the Dominican Republic – it’s usually females in the PC writing about their boyfriends back home. It’s nice to see a male PCV writing about missing his lady. Good luck to you both!

14 Jan 12 @ 2am