PCSA Makes the News Again

I’m sure some of you have heard about this.

In SA, this was big enough news to be on the front page of the Star. Sadly, child sexual abuse is widespread here. My African colleagues seem much less shocked at this than I am. He faces harsher punishment in the US than he would here in SA.

PC is sending people from DC to talk about this with us. Peace Corps is taking it very, very seriously, which is great. But this news really put a shadow over the awesomeness of science week (which I will blog about soon).


Claire Gaul says:

Hi Michael,

I was a PCV in SA-16 and lived in Northern Cape. Impressive to hear that PC isn’t just sweeping this under the rug like they do with PCV rape victims. I really don’t think PC should even be in SA because of the lack of accountability structure and the sheer fact that’s it’s generally a dangerous place to live.

11 Aug 11 @ 5pm

Mary says:

I just saw this man on Linked In looking for a JOB..
If he did these horrible things, then God help him.
really, god help him because his face is out there…get informed people.

11 Aug 11 @ 10pm