A Few Photos from Ndebele Cultural Sights

I promise vacation and National Science Week photos soon. I’m still getting back in the swing of things. Here’s a post I wrote months ago but never published…

During the last few days of our initial two-month training period, we took a series of field trips. One of those trips was a trip to various Ndebele cultural sights.

The Ndebele people are a tribe that came to exist when people in Zulu areas fled the wars that led to the unification of the Zulu people. They made themselves a new home in the highveld.

The thing that most outsiders would recognize about Ndebele culture are their distinctive designs.

Pretty rad, yeah? 2Pac thinks so too:

This poster was spotted at the home of the famous Ndebele painter, Esther Mhlangu.


We got to meet with a handful of Ndebele dignitaries, and got a tours of a cultural foundation and a large outdoor exhibit showing the evolution of traditional Ndebele houses. Unfortunately, we were not able to meet the chief. But we did get to see where he holds court:


I appreciate this practicality. It makes sense to be as comfortable as possible when pondering serious decisions.