Around Cape Town

Table Mountain is the icon that makes Cape Town so totally nutso. We took a cable car up because we’re lazy imperialists, and we got a lesson in how to live from this kid:

Table Mountain is totally solid. It’s amazing to look at, amazing to see from, and basically surrounded by city. It thrusts up from the earth, giving a great big, extended middle finger to anything resembling normal city planning. Yay.

Further out from the city, the legendary Cape of Good Hope offers a bunch of big tourist diversions. There’s shark snack island:


And some beautiful views:

We ran into this guy, Bobby Skinstad, former captain of the national rugby team (which is basically like being the Pope of White South Africa):

I got my picture with the Pope!

We almost smashed into this dude:

Me and my bro on top of a mountain on the Cape, proving to the world that we’re from New Jersey:

These are dassies. Birds of Prey like to eat them. I’m signaling to my eagle friends:

The family looking almost normal at the Cape of Good Hope:

Further along the Cape is Cape Point, where you can get an idea of how miserable it would have been to try to navigate this area with a wooden sailboat:

On our way back to Cape Town, we stopped in Simon’s Town to chill with the endangered African Penguins who took up residence in the middle of valuable beachfront real estate.

Here I live my dream of dining on an endangered species:

<Dare to Dream!