Finally, I’m getting around to blogging about my trip with my family.

My father, mother, and younger brother came to visit me in South Africa. I finally got a chance to experience Africa’s most popular tourist destination with Africa’s most popular tourists. South Africa already felt like some sort of twilight zone, with it’s horrible poverty next to mcmansions and McDonalds. Cape Town and the surrounding area increased that feeling by like 100 billion. It really is like being in Europe. And this city is totally awesome.

Since the thrust of our trip was going to take us to much less tourist friendly places than Cape Town, I figured it was best to jump into the baller-ness of Africa. So we went on a Family stroll from the tourist-safety of the waterfront to downtown, where some dude asked me for money. Yay South Africa! When I told him no he got very upset and accused me of forcing him to do crime. We walked away. He followed, I screamed at him. You messed with the wrong Mulungu, buddy. 5 minutes later we took this picture:

So we retreated to the waterfront:

You can see the full glory of Table Mountain. But more importantly, note the red dude on the right made entirely from Coca-Cola crates. Yay imperialism!

Capetown is totally saturated with tourist stuff:

Despite my pleading, we didn’t go. Instead we got up at the crack of dawn:

I lie. That was 7:30 AM. South Africa is on one time zone. Which means the sets crazy early on one side (Durban) and rises crazy late on the other (Cape Town). I hope school in Cape Town doesn’t start at 7:30 like it does here.

Check out the sweet hair on this mannequin:

More to come!