We (Briefly) Conquer the Drakensberg Mountains

Before we conquered the mountains, Durban distracted us for a few hours, primarily with Bunny Chow:

What did I just eat? Bunny Chow is a loaf of bread hollowed out, filled with curry, and capped with more bread. It’s supposed to be a portable food, sort of like an Indian food burrito. This particular Bunny Chow was extra fusion; instead of using a normal curry like chicken or lamb, this nasty little boy was filled with chip (french fry) and cheese curry. It was like WW3 in my large intestine, and worth every cramp.

From Durban, we headed inland towards the Drakensberg mountains. We took a hike:

After the hike we took a long scenic drive through a huge township called Qwa Qwa,

and eventually up a monster mountain.

On the way back to our hotel, we saw this real African cowboy:

Shermans travel too quickly, so that’s all I have to show for the Draks. We had to make tracks out of the Draks. Yuk yuk.