The Greatest Museum in South Africa!

I forgot to mention the most important part of our trip in the last post.

Between visits to various battlefields, we stopped in a small town called Dundee and visited the greatest museum ever–the Talana Museum of Epic Awesome Time Travel 2112. I take back everything I said about South African museum curation–this museum changed my life.

This is the exhibit in the entryway:

Now you might be thinking, “way to blow your best material, Dundee museum!”. But you’d be so completely wrong.

I guess there was a lot of coal mining in Dundee or something. I knew coal was good for heat, but what else is it good for, oh wise self-promoting museum?

(In booming Oz voice) LET THE DIORAMAS COMMENCE!

Let’s go in for a closer look…

And then we proceed underground, like a real coal mine!

Underground! Where the dioramas are even more disturbing:


Having had our minds body slammed by coal mining and diorama construction, we cleansed our mental pallets with something a bit more feminine:

But that’s not the end. GET PUMPED BECAUSE IT’S TIME FOR:



And these “end of day” pieces, for unwinding at the end of your day

A section of the museum is dedicated to the history of the City of Dundee:

With exhibits like this:


The museum is gigantic…in addition to the main building there are maybe a dozen other buildings in various stages of neglect, covering all sorts of topics. Here we have the San bushmen:

And Zulus:

And this guy…

I have no idea what’s going on here.

We could have spent weeks here, but unfortunately the museum is only open 8 hours a day.


Steve Sherman says:

Holy shit. Also worth mentioning that I read this post with this youtube playing in the background:

26 Oct 11 @ 7pm

Mary Jones says:

That beads exhibit is worth the price of admission alone!

27 Oct 11 @ 3pm

Pete Micek says:

It took me like 2 minutes to ferret the intended meaning of “the pistol c1880 was a sweet container.”

27 Oct 11 @ 7pm