Kruger National Park

After our jaunt through Swaziland, which was mad chill, we stopped for some real African food in Tonga, a large village north of the Swazi border:

Robert was tired:

Right before entering Kruger, we made sure to do something stupid (it had been at least 3 hours):

Kruger, as always, was awesome. It’s a totally beautiful place:

But the big draw is the animals. REQUISITE ANIMAL PICTURES!


This was my first time seeing a Jackal:

But the coolest thing was this guy, having a snack:

Dude was right by the side of the road, freaking out an endless line of tourists. What a drama queen!


Mary Jones says:


09 Nov 11 @ 10pm

michaelwsherman says:

Dude, this is like 20 miles from me. If you come, you can totally see this lickety split.

10 Nov 11 @ 9am

Robert says:

Mike, you were one of those in the endless line of tourists – and you were the driver too!

11 Nov 11 @ 5pm