I Totally Ran a Marathon

For serious.

Dig the ring around the collar sweatstains!

I ran the Soweto Marathon last Sunday. It was 26.2 miles (42.2 kilometers). There were a lot of hills. I finished in 5:37:13 according to my watch, but since I was in the back of the pack at the start my official time is like a minute higher. Whatever, I just wanted to finish. It was my first time. It’s true, your first time hurts. A lot. They say it gets better the more you do it. You mean I'm supposed to do this again?

The real downside of taking a long time to finish a marathon in Africa is that you get horrible sunburn. Behold Wednesday morning:

It was so worth it.


Robert says:

That looks bad!!!

13 Nov 11 @ 3am

davidd says:

Wow, that does not look like fun. Congratulations on finishing the a marathon. The punishment your body gives you during and afterward lets you know it was worthwhile.

08 Dec 11 @ 8am