Assorted Photos

From the last few months of my life in the Peace Corps, some assorted photos…

In South Africa, a hostel is not a youth hostel. A hostel is a collection of spartan rooms used to house people, usually on a part-time or temporary basis. Most hostel tenants are either workers who have permanent homes far away, or people who can’t afford better housing. Youth hostels are called “backpackers” here.

Near the Department of Education facility I work at there’s a block of hostels, presumably for workers who come during the week and return to their distant homes on the weekend. Recently, the hostel was shut down on account of some weird business there. See if you can guess what was going down. Creepy!

Guess what this is:

It’s lodging at a youth camp. Space age! It’s also about 4k from here:

Here’s my nephew, being awesome with my burglar bar door:

I never liked mangoes in America. I love them here, because they aren’t picked green, flown from Mexico, and ripened with gas. Check out our mango tree in full blossom:

Lastly, one of my ongoing projects is cleaning and resurrecting the science lab at my school. It’s easier said than done. One day I encountered this lovely storage scheme:

A closer look:

Note the empty, open bottle. Whatever the contents were, they partially decomposed the box.