Our First National Science Week School Visits

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After Monday’s relatively chill opening ceremony, Tuesday saw the start of “real” Science Week activities. The meat of the week was two sets of programming. One set took place at the Education Center I work at, and consisted of the best and brightest students from area schools being taught advanced science lessons by Department of Education Staff. The other set of programming was my responsibility. With the help of two other Peace Corps Volunteers, Jesse Golodner and Shilpa Vasishta, we took science on the road.

Our first stop was a nearby Primary School, where we presented to the elder grades. Check out Jesse, Shilpa, and our sweet setup:

After a few minutes, the confused and curious students began to surround us:

And pretty soon, they began to jockey for the best seats:

This was a pattern that would repeat itself. But with the help of the teachers, we got the students in something resembling order, and the demonstrations began.

Explaining the Van Der Graff generator:

Being Scientists:

One of our demonstrations was putting Lithium, Sodium, and Potassium in water:

After our demonstrations, we taught some of the older kids how to make matchstick rockets. Here’s me doing some tests:

That afternoon, we visited another primary school. This time, we had students as young as five watching:

And again, we made rockets. Check out my sweet foil:

This student is carefully rolling foil around a straightened paperclip and a matchstick:

Shilpa’s students diligently following directions:

And the best part, playing with fire:

Despite being our first day of demonstrations, things went very well.