Science Demonstrations at a Shopping Center

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After our high school visit, we were prepared for whatever National Science Week sent our way.

What’s Jesse doing loitering on the sidewalk? Where are we?

Take a bustling mini-mall in Africa and throw in a couple of weird Americans with lab coats and chemicals. What do you get? Confusion:

Watch the funny people play with chemicals!

One of the demonstrations we did involved using an indicator to turn a pink solution clear. Because I’m a huge ham, this became me turning “water” into “wine”:

Then, we neutralized the “wine” clear again:

As the afternoon went on, a crowd gathered:

The burning-not-burning ethanol-soaked money was a huge hit:

Check out our Department of Science and Technology mandated signup sheet to prove we actually did what we claimed:

This is Jet, a sweet clothing store:

We wanted to use their electricity. The dapper man on the right is my boss at the Department of Education:

And so, we became the first people in South African history to run a Van Der Graff generator in a mini-mall:

Our parting shot was a thermite reaction. I’m not going to give instructions here, but its hot enough to melt metal:

Check out our science mobile:

From left to right that’s me, our Department of Education counterpart and minder Sydney, Peace Corps Volunteer Jesse, and Peace Corps Volunteer Shilpa. Check out our trunk of experiments!

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