The End of National Science Week 2011

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On Friday of National Science Week, we returned to the Educational Development Center to do a final day of programming with some visiting students. Check out the info spread:

We started with my sweet presentation about corn meal and aliens:

(Side Note: Right after this we got word about this. That made for an awkward afternoon)

Then we did our demonstrations. Moving strings with static electricity!

Can you make out the tiny flying pieces of wheat germ?:

The best shot of me using indicators to turn “water” into “wine”:

Since we were dealing with advanced science students, we added additional content to our presentation. Here Jesse explains how elements in the same column of the Periodic Table have similar properties.

Let’s be scientific!


And finally, matchstick rockets:

With National Science Week now over, we finally got a picture of the core team:

From left to right, Nicholas (Educational Development Centre Coordinator), Shilpa (Peace Corps Volunteer), Sydney (Educational Development Centre Coordinator), Mike (Peace Corps Volunteer), and Jesse (Peace Corps Volunteer).

We’re all looking forward to next year…