Pictures of Puppies!

Joy the dog had 8 puppies. Here they are as newborns, crowded under mom:

I had never seen puppies so young. Their ears and eyes were shut when they were born:

But after awhile, they got cuter:

Exploring the world:

Exploring my feet:

We started with 8 puppies. But then some of them died, sadly. Life is harsh.

The mother wasn’t in great health. We’re not sure if she was sick, because she was being fed plenty. But she started killing the puppies. On the Internet, I read that a mother will kill some puppies if she doesn’t think there’s a good chance they’ll all live. We started feeding her and the puppies extra food.

As the puppies got older, they moved their home:

We were down to three:

The puppies began to act like their mother. They followed here everywhere, and they began to sleep with the grown dogs:

But the photos end there. The last three puppies caught some sort of illness. They died. Now we have no puppies.

Sad. I miss the puppies.

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Pete Micek says:

omg worst story ever

16 Feb 12 @ 4am