Nairobi, Kenya

After my family visited me here in South Africa, I went to meet them in Nairobi, Kenya.

My uncle Joe lived in Nairobi for a summer back when he was in high school. 30 years later he returned with family in tow. I felt very lucky to be there–it was truly an amazing time.


My arrival:

From left to right, standing: Joe’s Nephew Ben, son of Julius (standing); Joe’s Nephew Ben, son of Mary (seated); Laurie; Me; Louise; Mia; Joe’s Brother Julius; Joe; seated is Joe’s Sister Mary.

After I arrived we went out to eat…at a Chinese restaurant. It was better than any Chinese I’ve had in South Africa. Here Mia tries to get cousin Ben to eat something:

Check out these sweet sodas that cost like 60 cents:

More to come…


Mary Jones says:

Those sodas are in glass bottles. I want them so bad

07 Mar 12 @ 8pm

michaelwsherman< says:

You should blog about it then. No glass left in America, even in NYC? Oh, and sugar instead of corn syrup. All the cheap soda is in glass here. Another reason to visit. 1.25 liters in glass for a little more than 1$ win!

07 Mar 12 @ 8pm