The Kenyan Family Farm and Pictures of Kenyan Life

After a long day on the road, we arrived at the farm of my Uncle Joe’s Kenyan family. We were fed extremely well:

Then we promptly passed out from exhaustion and deliciousness.

The next morning, with mama and her sister:

Peeling roots:

The house:

In the middle is Uncle Julius, one of Joe’s Kenyan brothers. This house is where we stayed, and is where Julius and his wife, Benji, plan to retire to.

Julius took us on a walk around the village:

We got to meet the chief:

Where we scoped cool posters:

We also visited a school. Check it:

Outside the school we tried sugar cane:



The family farm is right near the equator, where this space age monument marks the ultimate tourist victory:

This guy’s farm is on the equator. He probably doesn’t care:

Far in the distance is lake Victoria:

Sadly, that’s as close as we got.

Did you know Barack Obama is Kenyan?

In a nearby town:

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