Do I Sound Like Public Broadcasting Yet?

And again I shake you down, dear readers, for some cash. After all, it rules everything around me.

I’m running a half marathon to raise money for the KLM Foundation. The KLM Foundation provides children from economically disadvantaged (rural) communities scholarships to attend private school. Their focus is on finding and educating the future leaders of South Africa.

KLM is an especially important charity because South Africa’s rural Black population is drastically underrepresented in the higher echelons of South African society and government. I know most of my readers know about apartheid, so I’m not going to get into that now. But even in 2012, vast inequality persists in South Africa. The children of the current elites–regardless of color–enjoy tremendous advantages in South African society. Rural communities and the people who live and grow up in them are increasingly marginalized, unable to compete and cut off from the government programs intended to redistribute wealth and power to Blacks. The “new” South Africa still looks like the old South Africa outside of the cities–rural areas are just as neglected and impoverished as they were 20 years ago, and the odds of a rural child “making it” haven’t changed much. Rare is the rural child who manages to grow up, leave their village, and ascend to a position of leadership in South African society. Which is why KLM is so important.

Most educational charities in South Africa focus on tangibles–school building, computer labs, libraries. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa, you don’t have to look far to find a failed computer lab or library. While assets are important, many communities lack the expertise to use and maintain assets purchased for them by well meaning charities, and these assets end up neglected or stolen. KLM is one of the few South African educational charities focused on human beings instead of physical assets.  Your money has a tremendous impact; an impact that will last far beyond a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Donating is easy:

1) Go to the KLM Foundation Website and click the Donate button in the top right corner.

2) Fill out the form. You can donate (much) less than $100 if you want. 5$ is fantastic.

3) In the Longtom Marathon box (“If you are making this donation in support of a participant in the Longtom Marathon, please indicate the runner’s name”) put my name, Michael Sherman.

You can also donate by check. Ask me for help or read the instructions on the Donate page.

Please let me know if you have problems or questions, or have a peek at the KLM website.

Thank you all for your consideration. It means a lot to me and to a good charity. Hopefully I’ll be able to mail a letter or postcard to my donors. Maybe that’s not as cool as a tote bag with a Ken Burns DVD, but it’s the best I can do on a Peace Corps stipend.


Mary Jones says:

So help me Michael, that is one sketchy site. If someone hacks my card, Imma kill you

07 Mar 12 @ 8pm

michaelwsherman says:

thanks for your donation mary!

07 Mar 12 @ 8pm