Back in Nairobi

After our adventures around Kenya, we returned to Nairobi for a very packed day.

We started with a visit to a craft market in Nairobi. It was out of the way and we attracted A LOT of attention. Thankfully, we had Julius taking care of us:


Making beadwork:

After the market, we went to visit Joe’s sister Mary, who proceeded to spend the whole day cooking some of the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten:

In the middle of the day, me, Joe, and Louise went to the outer ring of Nairobi to visit the house Joe stayed in when he lived here way back when. Joe was the only person with his own room. But his “room” was really just the pantry curtained off. You can see it in this picture. I’m in the kitchen, and uncle Jack is in the pantry:

For transport to and from the outer ring we used matatus:

For those keeping score at home, less people are allowed on matatus in Nairobi than in South Africa. Yes, Kenyan matatus are more comfortable than South African taxis…

Me and Joe with brother Abram (spelling might be wrong, sorry!). Check out his sweet shirt:

Mary’s cooking marathon continued into the evening:

This is Joe, Laurie, and me with Mary’s son Ben. Note Ben’s excellent taste in collegiate t-shirts:

Mary, Mia, and Cake:


Mary Jones says:

Why are they all wearing northwestern t-shirts?

19 Apr 12 @ 9pm

michaelwsherman says:

Because they’re awesome

20 Apr 12 @ 1pm