Photos from My Life and the Magical Vegan-osity of Soya Mince

A few photos from my life.

This happened at my school:

Using foam suits to sell stuff to kids is universal. Dance off:

Accidental video game reference:

And the most important thing ever, Soya Mince. Vegan:

What’s going on here? Soya mince is textured soy protein, dried and mixed with spices. You add boiling water and voila, instant cheap protein source. You can find soya mince everywhere, and if you don’t have money it’s practically a staple. This is what the future of meat eating looks like, America.

It’s not very good. Even the "peperoni" flavor. Aside from the spelling, I find pepperoni flavor especially amusing because pepperoni only exists in major pizza chains here. I’ve never seen it in a supermarket–I’m sure it exists, but it is a lot more difficult to find than "peperoni" soya mince. The overlap of people who eat soya mince and people who seek out pepperoni is a very small set. I might be the only person. I’m awesome.


Mary Jones says:


11 Apr 12 @ 10pm

Robert Sherman says:

For some reason we have a box in NJ, you must have sent it last year. Not the best tasting item, but we will save you some when you return, so you wont be homesick

12 Apr 12 @ 1am

Wilda Wong says:

Adding chili tomato sauce seems to make all flavors of soya mince better. Try other spices too (cumin, coriander)…I agree, after awhile all the varieties end up tasting like cardboard without some kind of embellishment…

18 Apr 12 @ 8am

michaelwsherman says:

This is a good conversation.

20 Apr 12 @ 1pm