Spin City

Big readers might remember over a year ago when I first posted about screwing.

Truthfully, screwing (spinning) usually takes place in specially built venues. Some enterprising individual realized that the store parking lot was probably not the best place for this, and that there were a lot of people here who would pay to see it. So somebody went and built a venue at my site. They had their first event in December:

Admission was 50 Rand, or about 7 dollars. But that’s a pretty big chunk of cash here. So a lot of people were content to just watch from a road bridge that sort of overlooked the venue:

And…the videos:
Check out this genius, who realized that partially malfunctioning nitrous afterburner can be used as a heat source (MOVIE).

Not as awesome, but check out this dude who doesn’t care about the car skidding around him (MOVIE).

And for you screwing megafans, just a normal car spinning in the daytime (MOVIE).


Robert Sherman says:

what happebned to the guy on top of the car in the second video?

19 Apr 12 @ 4am

michaelwsherman says:

He got too awesome.

20 Apr 12 @ 1pm

Imraan says:

theres a soin city on the 5th may in Nasarec jhb

24 Apr 12 @ 10am