Maputo, Mozambique

Between New Years and the start of the school year, I was lucky enough to make a trip to Mozambique. Samora Machel, leader of the revolution, welcomes you to the capital, Maputo:

Joining me on my adventures is my buddy Marc, who came all the way from his home in Korea to babysit me while we ventured into the real Africa. Here Marc presents us with a 2M, which is better than any beer I’ve had in South Africa:

To balance out the beer:

Maputo is an awesome city. There are parks!

And a market:

And bombed out buildings:

Because we lack judgment, me and Marc went to the numismatics (currency) museum. Look closely at their sample of American currency:

Can you make out what products are across the aisle from each other in this Chinese supermarket?

Before departing Maputo (we would return), we visited a place called Feira Popular. We didn’t ride any rides but we ate dinner. Business was slow on account of the New Years having just past, but Marc was still able to have the full African experience:

For pure self-indulgence, this is me singing band-karaoke “Like a Virgin” at an expat bar. Because this is what you do at expat bars:

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Linda Tammen says:

The last picture is priceless….

25 Apr 12 @ 4am