Food from Maputo

Food in Mozambique is awesome. Awesome enough it gets special blog attention.

Indian appetizers:

Check out our awesome market lunch that cost like a dollar:

Closer in:

The white stuff is Xima (pronounced SHE-ma), which is Pap. What’s pap? The staple of South Africa–corn meal and water, think like polenta.

The green stuff is some sort of mix of greens and berries of some sort. We were told it was “medicine”. It had an almost alkaline taste, but still was pretty nice.

Polony and egg:

I’ve blogged about Polony before, but it’s Bologna spelled for humans. This reminded me of Taylor Ham and Egg, and made me homesick for food I never want to eat at home.

This was purchased in a Chinese market:

This is, of course, Puta Leisure Food (sadly ruined by the flash). Polyglots will recognize the word “puta”, please discuss in the comments.

It wasn’t very tasty.

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Steve Sherman says:

I want to eat your puta.

01 May 12 @ 4am