Bazaruto, Mozambique

So why do people go to Mozambique?

Our first real destination was a coastal town called Vilankulos, gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago. It took 9 hours of bus to get there (usually it’s 12). It’s also maybe like 1/5 of the way up the Mozambican coast from Maputo. Mozambique is huge.

That little boat is called a Dhow. You pay a nice man some money and he takes you places. Boarding:

And we’re off:

Because we’re cheap we only visited the closest island, Magaruque:

Nevertheless, it was like a movie. Dolphins in the water:


We were too busy being chill to take many pictures on the Island. Oops. But check out the sweet fuel system for the motorboat engine used when the wind doesn’t cooperate:


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Mary Jones says:

OMG that place looks gorgeous! Also, you’re looking right fit. Clearly the marathon running is paying off

21 May 12 @ 10pm