Mozambican Food from Vilankulos

Again, food needs it’s own post:

Drinking out of a coconut may be a little bit cliche, but once you actually drink one you don’t care. This coconut was spiked with a bit of the local rum.

Here I put herb butter on a deep fried piece of dough:


The thing I’m cutting into is a beautiful piece of grilled Calamari. Wow, I really miss eating Calamari. It was cheap and good. The green stuff in the bowl is Matapa. It’s a mix of greens, peanut flour, and some other magic.

Marc examines the sauces:

Fish, Salad, and Xima:

Xima (pronounced SHE-ma) is pretty much the same thing as South African pap; apparently a lot of Africa has a similar staple. It’s just corn meal and water. Think grits, but with a consistency more like polenta. You make little scoops of it with your hands and scoop up sauce and such with it.

Fish Curry: