Tofo, Mozambique Food Pictures

“Everyone loves pictures of food.” – Me

That’s Prego no Pao (I think!). It’s really well seasoned skirt steak in a Portuguese Roll and it’s awesome.

Marc has a snack:

In Tofo, for about 30 cents, you got a coconut. A dude would hack it open, you’d drink the water, then he’d cut it open and carve you a spoon to scoop out the meat. Amazing.

All the fresh fruit made for some tasty alcoholic beverages. Pretty much any junk mixed with fresh fruit juice is going to be awesome:

Even the bread and chips (fries) in Mozambique are amazing:

For whatever reason, this was a popular beverage:

We think that was Raspberry soda. You mix it with Tipo Tinto, the local paint thinner/rum which actually has a chemical taste to it, and comes in a plastic bottle.

And these guys:

They’re Langoustine, I think. Like a loser version of a Maine lobster but still pretty tasty. Mine had roe, it was gooey.