More Maputo, Mozambique


On our initial pass through Maputo, we got pretty pumped for our return visit. Maputo is a totally awesome city–supposedly one of Africa’s greatest cities. Let Samora Machel show you why:

Until the 70s, Mozambique was essentially a Portuguese colony. Where does that leave Maputo? The food is awesome; there’s an almost Mediterranean vibe to coastal Mozambique–cafes, chilling out, well seasoned food, etc.; and the architecture is suitably fascist:

The train station:

Old stuff:

And some lions outside the Chinese supermarket, all ribboned for New Years:

It’s a strange city. Very hard to describe the feeling you get walking around. You never really forget you’re in Africa, but you’re sitting in a cafe, eating a pastry, and checking out some Art Deco facade next to a soviet-style cement block. And there’s lots of construction next to crumbling old buildings:

We visited the craft market:

Where it appears ivory was for sale:

We also visited the art museum. We were greeted by fallen sculptures:

And a blown-out sidewalk (a common sight):


In case you forgot there was a socialist revolution here:

Not pictured: Kim Il-Sung street.

We also tried to visit the museum of the revolution, but this is as far as we got:

On our last day, we took a ferry across the bay to Catembe, a popular beach spot:

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Mary Jones says:

I like that last picture of you on the beach holding a beer bottle. It looks like hope

12 Jun 12 @ 4pm