Public Transportation in Mozambique

Even compared to South Africa, transit in Mozambique was an adventure.

Our first big bus ride, a 9-12 hour jaunt only like a 5th of the way up the Mozambican coast, left at like 6AM. All long haul buses leave at ungodly early hours, which means you have to show up at like 4AM if you want a seat (yeah, you can stand for 9 hours if you’re unlucky!).

What do you do when you have to leave for the bus at 3:30AM? Stay up all night:

The entire bus experience is amazing. This is what a small, rural stop looks like:

Many bus passengers bring huge amounts of cargo with them. They’re basically traders moving goods around the country:

I wonder what the postal system is like?

Every time the bus stops, hordes of people come to sell you food and drink:

We got bread, fruit, drink, cashews, even honey and sauces were available.

Between Vilankulos and Tofo, we had to take a water taxi across Inhambane bay:

And from Inhambane to Tofo, we rode an amazingly overloaded van (called a Chapa):

We counted 25 people (plus a baby).

From Maputo to the beach at Catembe, a sweet ferry goes across the bay. It can get pretty crowded too:

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Linda Tammen says:

Makes life in Thawville seem a little dull.

21 Jun 12 @ 11pm