Tourist Sites Around Graskop and Sabie, Mpumalanga

Before Marc left, he rented a car. We went and explored the Drakensberg escarpment area–a part of Mpumalanga just an hour or so from me but that I hadn’t had a chance to visit yet.

This is Horseshoe falls:

Normally they aren’t so crazy but we had just had a few days of record-setting rain. It made the falls awesome:

The mist was so heavy that a few seconds by the falls soaked you to your underwear:

Our next stop was Pilgrim’s Rest:

Pilgrim’s Rest is a cheeseball village that supposedly still looks like it did 100-something years ago during the first South African gold rush. Like this authentic pre-model T BP station:

Still, it’s a cute little tourist trap:

And there’s a pretty cool bar:

Our adventures continued. It’s amazingly beautiful in this part of the country and the photos don’t really do it justice:

We stopped for Pancakes in Graskop at Harrie’s Pancakes, who claim to be the original:

Fun fact: there were no pancakes in South Africa until the 80s, on account of the apartheid-era embargoes.

Pancakes are a big deal in the escarpment because you might as well have another gimmick to pull in the tourists. Pork:


Our second waterfall was Lisbon Falls: