Blyde River Canyon, Mpumalanga

Continuing our adventures along the Drakensburg Escarpment, we visited Blyde River canyon. It’s the 3rd longest canyon in the world and the longest green one. It’s also tremendously underrated–thousands of foreign visitors pour into Kruger Park, often by plane, and completely miss this arguably more impressive site.

There’s also a bunch of stuff to see on your approach to the canyon. This is the pinnacle:

And a bit closer to the canyon is the most famous view in the area, God’s Window:

Hiking nearby God’s Window:

Another view from the escarpment:

A road leads along the edge of the canyon, and there are plenty of places to stop and peek

The most popular spot is Bourne’s Luck Potholes. The Potholes are natural whirlpool-formed holes resulting from the confluence of two rivers:

But the potholes are nothing compared to the (sadly less visited) Three Rondavels…

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