Assorted Pictures

Some assorted photos from my adventures in life.

The french fries here (called chips) are something else. Thick cut, soft, sometimes undercooked, oily, and smothered in hot peri-peri pepper relish. They’re really something else, these “slop chips”.

At some point a genius South African realized that you could save some time mopping up all the oil by just laying the chips on bread. Carb on carb! But it takes real American ingenuity to realize that you’re just a few dollops of mayo and hot sauce away from the greatest sandwich ever:

How to sell bug spray:

South Africans love bug spray. Heck, I don’t think I ever used it in the states, but here I swear by my can of Doom (Raid’s awesomely named competitor). The most baller way to use bug spray is to shut your windows and doors, fill the room with spray, and get out for an hour…

Taking homeless booze to another level:

Thus, we can buy nips in little plastic pouches. For you marketing geniuses we have, “Caribbean Yacamo Rum,” “Coral Island Pure Cane Spirit,” “Yeltsien Pure Vodka,” “Noble Eagle Scotch Whiskey,” and my tipple of choice, “London’s Royal Guard Dry Gin.”. They tasted far worse than you’d think booze in plastic would taste. I felt a year disappear from the end of my life.

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ASCLME says:

The South African spelling for those is “Slap” chips, not “Slop” chips. ;)

Also, the English have been putting chips in bread for a long, long time.

Fun blog :)

18 Jul 12 @ 4pm