Snake Hunt

Africans are terrified of snakes. You would be too if your everyday snakes were Green and Black Mambas.

One day on the way home from work, I stumbled upon a massive snake hunt. The normal sequence of a snake hunt is someone sees a snake and freaks out, they are joined by all within earshot, and then everyone throws rocks until the snake dies. But for some reason a professional was around this time. And he had a snake box:

The snake in question was a Green Mamba. Getting the Mamba in the box took skill:

The snake was captured, and I saw this on the way out:

Truck turtle!

But then I heard more screaming. Another snake had been found:

This snake joined the first in the box:

While the second snake was being boxed, a third snake was discovered. A Black Mamba:

Watch the wrangling!

The Black Mamba also went into the box:

These snakes were lucky to be boxed. Otherwise, they would have been bludgeoned to death.