My School's New Library

Thanks to the generosity of Vodacom (and a lot of hard work!), the school I teach at now has an amazing library.

Vodacom refinished the room and donated bookshelves and books:

But it was up to us to get the library organized and functioning. First the fiction went up:

The non-fiction required some finesse with the Dewey Decimal System:

But after some hard work, the library was finally finished:

To celebrate the successful partnership between my school, Vodacom, and the South African Department of Education, Vodacom generously paid for and coordinated an opening event. Can you spot the rainbow?

Vodacom also donated new sections of fence to close some holes:

Unveiling the plaque:

And through the power of fabric and tables, a reception was held in one of the classrooms:

Me and my teacher/librarian counterparts, who assembled the library with the help of the Department of Education and a small army of students:

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