One of the most incredible things about the Peace Corps experience is expanding your family to include people on another continent. In April, I finally had the chance to travel with my Mama and Sisi to visit the extended family at “home”.

Home here does not mean where you live, it means where you’re from. And my family is from a different part of the country than where I stay with my Mama. Our true home is up in Limpopo, in possibly the hottest part of South Africa. The visit was one of the best things I’ve done as a volunteer.

This is Wandile, who will be president someday:

The family lives near a huge mine:

On the left is friend Tshepo, on the right is my cousin/brother Fabby:

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Linda Tammen says:

Wandile looks totally amazing. I want to meet that boy!

28 Jul 12 @ 12am