Chicken Feet

Cheap street food is a big part of township life. One of the most popular street snacks is braaied (barbequed) chicken feet:

During school breaktime my neighbors braai and sell snacks to the students:

Of course, I had to try one. A hot chicken foot costs 1 rand, or about 13 cents.

It wasn’t the first chicken foot I had. I’m not a big fan, as it’s all skin and bone. Still, it’s an amazing treat for less money than a lollipop costs, and the sauce they cook it in is really tasty.


Linda Tammen says:

Can you mail a few of the to Thawville?

12 Aug 12 @ 3am

Richard says:

I sometimes hear them called ‘Chicken Runaways’, e.g., ‘Do you have any chicken runaways?’

14 Aug 12 @ 6am