Sealing a Grave

Things have been hard here lately, with two deaths in the family within a month.

Note the pile in the next photo. It’s concrete about to be mixed:

You can’t just bury a coffin and count on it to be undisturbed. So you fill it with some fresh concrete after burial, and then you top the cement with some zinc roofing sheets, which are held in place by the cement.

There’s a saying I’ve heard quite a bit at funerals that I’ve only recently understood: “after tears”. I never really got it, but then I realized that the part that goes unsaid is that “after tears” you have to do something fun. Like drink:

And braai (barbeque):

As much as everyone seems to enjoy “after tears”, the funerals are tough.

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Linda Tammen says:

Who passed away and how did it happen? I hope it wasn’t someone who was young. The man dressed in the suit looks so sad…

27 Sep 12 @ 9pm