A Few Pictures

A few pics from my last days at my Peace Corps home.

My buddy Lucia sold her dreadlocks for a very large amount of money.

I think she was growing them for like 8 years. Part of the deal is attaching the dreadlocks to the new head. Awesome.

My colleague Terri got this awesome shirt from her school when she left for America:

It’s her and her teachers, emblazoned on a shirt. Awesome.

I accompanied my buddy, DJ iMac (his name is Mac, clever clever), to a gig.


The ladies love Mac:

Behold, a street light:

This is an Apollo light. Rather than set up normal street lights, you save a bunch of money by just putting up one of these every few hundred meters or so. This was a cost saving tactic employed by the apartheid-era government, but it continues to this day. You’d never put an Apollo up in a town, so this is a palpable symbol that the new South Africa is just as divided as the old, but on lines of money as much as race.

Remnants of a burnt tire, from a demonstration to get some roads paved:

The money to pave the roads was handed out to a contractor, but the work was never done.

This is Gugu centre, the old shopping centre of the township before the new shopping complex was built a few years ago:

Break time at the nearby secondary school:

There seems to be an unwritten rule that only boys can hang out on the steps of this store. The girls usually by their snacks from the vendors on the street:

Someone said I didn’t have enough pictures of shacks on my blog:

This shack is 150 feet away from a house with a two-car garage.