National Science Week 2012

Just like last year, I assisted my Educational Development Centre with National Science Week activities. This year they were able to do most of the work on their own, which was extremely gratifying to me as a volunteer.

Me and my Peace Corps colleagues, Josh and Julie, served as their scientists in residence. This is us with the new centre director:

We visited some schools, just like last year:

And did crazy experiments:

2 seconds later:

We visited some of the shopping malls in town:

We did also did some science demonstrations at the local shopping centre:

(A special thanks to the volunteers from Tenteleni for photographing our event!)

The EDC staff organized a series of field trips. First was Sonae Novoboard, a local particle board manufacturer:

Next was Sembcorp Silulumanzi, the local water utility:

And finally, the Lowveld Botanical Garden:

We ended the week with a teachers workshop:

In sadly typical South African Department of Education fashion, hundred of teachers were invited but only three showed up. The EDC staff was understandably upset, but we took it as an opportunity to give those three teachers the best workshop ever. And it was awesome. ┬áIt’s amazing how an empty teachers workshop is the kind of thing that could totally break your spirit as a Peace Corps Volunteer if it happened right when you start, but after almost two years you see it as an opportunity to work with three teachers instead of zero.


One school was awesome enough to have a dance off while we set up:



Dumi Sydney says:

Hi Mike, nice pics. I so miss u about this kind of events. Hope u are doing well at home.

25 Nov 12 @ 10pm

kate scurria says:

Hi Mike, my name is Kate Scurria and I am an RPCV from Uganda that just finished my service. I’m traveling with another RPCV through eastern and southern Africa and we are about to enter South Africa via Durban and follow the coastal route through the country.

We saw your blog and were wondering if you had any insightful and amazing suggestions about what we should do while we’re there. Being PCVs, we know what a great resource they can be in knowing what is really worth the time and effort and how to discover the true flavor of a country!!

Do you have an email address where we can contact you directly? My email is: **REMOVED** Please feel free to send any suggestions, or point us to any other volunteers that may be able to assist us along the way.

Enjoy your travels. Your photos look amazing!!!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kate and Naz

07 Dec 12 @ 11am