Epilogue – My Travels in Africa

I have a few more photos coming soon of my last days in the Peace Corps. But first, here are some photos from my travels around Africa post-Peace Corps.

First stop was Golden Gate Park in South Africa, which was amazingly beautiful:

Lesotho was one of my favorite countries, one stunning mountain pass after another:

The single most beautiful country was Namibia. The pictures really don’t do it justice:

This last photo is from Kolmanskopp, a mining town abandoned in the 1950s that is slowly being reclaimed by the desert:

Zimbabwe was the most surprising country. Despite the political issues, it’s a very nice place with very friendly people:

Malawi has the best lake ever, Lake Malawi. I would retire here:

Rwanda is an immaculately clean country of lush, rolling hills that make it easy to forget the genocide it has become so infamous for:

Burundi, Rwanda’s neighbor, is full of the same green hills. But the very different recent histories mean Burundi is cripplingly poor. The memory of Burundi I will never shake is children throwing themselves in front of our speeding minibus to beg for money:

Luckily, things are looking up in Burundi after years of civil war.

I went to Tanzania. It was nice, but it was my least favorite country and I didn’t take a lot of pictures. Why didn’t I like it? I’ve been all over the world, but I have never visited a country where the locals were as aggressive and deceptive when it came to extracting money from tourists. The places there were beautiful, but not beautiful enough to make up for the constant harassment.

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, lives up to its title:

In Uganda I visited mountain gorillas:

And on the way home, a layover in Dubai. Spending a day in Dubai was a great decision. While the culture shock of Dubai was tremendous, it has made adjusting to America easier. It’s more developed than America, and takes construction and consumption to an extreme rarely found stateside. Going to New Jersey after Dubai was a like taking a step back towards Africa…the roads are so small and everything isn’t so shiny and new.

The world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall. The directory is like War and Peace, but for shopping:

Oh, and America has totally won the war on terror:

It’s good to be home.