The End — For Real

I have now been back in the United States for close to seven months. As much as I enjoyed keeping this blog while I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, I’m well along into a new chapter of my life.

While I was originally hoping to keep this blog up permanently, as a sort of living relic, that is no longer feasible. WordPress (the software I use to run the blog) needs constant updates to close newly found security holes, and Facebook makes changes monthly that require you to re-code parts of your website to remain connected to Facebook. Given that this blog is basically a museum now, I can no longer justify putting in the time required to keep it functional.

So what happens now? I’m in the process of extracting the content from the website to put up in some lower-maintenance form. This means that over the next few weeks, parts of the website will likely break. So if you’re seeing some strange behavior, come back in a few weeks when the process is complete. The address will remain the same.

If you are family or a close friend of mine and want access to the private content I created, send me a personal message and I’ll help you.

To everyone who read, especially the many people around the world I never had a chance to meet, thank you. Your readership meant (and still means) a lot to me.

Thank you,